April 17, 2015

Leave a Legacy of Open Space in Sausalito
A new nonprofit organization, Open Space Sausalito  (OSS), is raising funds to purchase 2.1 acres of open space in Northern Sausalito at Lincoln Ave. and Butte Street. Please consider pledging a donation to help this effort. Leave a legacy of open space in Sausalito.
Details: On April 11th the City Council voted unanimously 5-0 to donate its 50% ownership to open space. The city’s 50% ownership had been gifted to the city through an estate inheritance, and was not purchased with taxpayer funds. The entire parcel was appraised at $450,000. This means Open Space Sausalito will be able to purchase the entire 2.1 acre site for half the appraised cost, at $225k.

 History : Similar to the Marincello project in the Marin Headlands years ago, this land was once targeted for high density growth, including a possible R-3 rezone with up to 87 units(Source: June 2011 City menu of Options, Site Inventory and Analysis-Housing Element.) Sausalito residents rallied to preserve the area as open space. Now that the City Council has voted unanimously to donate the city’s 50% interest as open space, it means the Butte Task Force can disband, and Open Space Sausalito can proceed with fundraising.

ScheduleOpen Space Sausalito must raise $225k by next year, June 2016, to purchase the property. The first deadline is to raise $15K by June 6th to secure an option to buy.

To Donate (Tax Deductible) Please visit our Donate web page. Donations are tax deductible. No amount is too small! Help Open Space Sausalito leave a legacy of open space for future generations.

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