Marin Headlands – April 2022

This series of photos was taken on April 22, 2022 on a hike I took from the Rodeo Avenue trailhead to the top of the ridge which overlooks Gerbode Valley. From there I walked one-quarter mile along the Bobcat trail which traverses the southern edge of the valley and gradually descends to Rodeo Lagoon at Fort Cronkite two miles away.

I photographed 25 species of California native plants along the way. This page shows photos of the views from the hike. I took a second hike one week later on the Old Springs Trail and photographed a similar set of plants, and I took a third hike on May 16, 2022 in Tennessee Valley

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Symbols to show plant frequency:

* – many

+ – occasional

– one or two instances

Shade Native Plants

Trees: *California Bay Laurel

Shrubs: -Coffeeberry, -Beaked Hazelnut

Wildflowers: *Cow Parsnip, +Douglas Iris, -Creeping Snowberry

Groundcover: *Wood Fern, *Sword Fern, -Miner’s Lettuce

Sun Native Plants

Trees: *Coast Live Oak, *Pacific Wax Myrtle, +Red Elderberry

Shrubs: *Coyote Brush, *Sagebrush, -Blue Blossom Ceanothus, -Manzanita, -Wood Rose

Perennials: *Monkeyflower, *Narrow Leaf Mule Ears, *Silver Bush Lupine, +Yarrow, +Checkerbloom, -Indian Paintbrush, -Blue-eyed Grass

Wildflowers: *Poppies, *Morning Glory

Jim Richard, Director of Native Plant Restoration and Web Design


The first photo is taken from the Rodeo Avenue trailhead. The trailhead is located across the freeway from Cypress Ridge and is at the end of the short Rodeo Avenue offramp reached by heading southbound on Highway 101 from Sausalito/Marin City. The fireroad winds back and forth for 0.7 miles before reaching the top of the ridge.

Second photo – halfway up the ridge looking towards Mt. Tam.

Third photo – the bay view from the top of the ridge.

Fourth through sixth photos – looking west over Gerbode Valley towards the ocean.

Seventh through ninth photos – Gerbode Valley and the surrounding ridges.

You can see the native plants of the Marin Headlands on these pages: